About Safeish Clothing

Our Start:

     Back in 2011, Bay Area extreme sports athlete Thomas Grayson committed himself to starting a brand based on the mentalities he held and saw in the communities around him. He naturally called that brand "Safeish". 

     This term was born from a desire to live life a little differently and to do it the best one can - avoiding but accepting the consequences of extreme lives as they might come. 

Our Company:

     Safeish Clothing is not strictly a clothing company! Safeish is a community and lifestyle as well. We value our apparel line, we strive to make excellent quality clothing and we love seeing you rocking our gear as you play, but we want to be more than your favorite shirt! We are a community and a lifestyle, and we want you to be a part of it. THIS is the Safeish Life!

Our Athletes:

     As a brand, Safeish Clothing wants to support and promote the common lifestyles and mentalities of ALL risk-takers alike. We have sponsored athletes and partners around the world who excel in pushing the boundaries of their sports and teaching others how they do it.

     In addition to our officially sponsored athletes, Safeish Clothing is blessed to be a part of a diverse community of talented athletes who have embraced the lifestyle with us. In whatever sport or discipline this might be, we support and will continue to promote these athletes as they progress.

     For more information on Safeish Athletes and becoming a Safeish Athlete or Brand Ambassador visit and apply here.

Our Mission:

     To push our limits and play hard. Question comfort. Question fear. Get out of your bubble and live. YOU are what the Safeish Life is all about!

Sizing Charts

Mens Tee Sizing

SIZE Small Medium Large X-Large
LENGTH (shoulder to hem) 28 29 30 31
CHEST (armpit to armpit) 19 20 21.5 23.5

 * measurements are in inches.

"Flow" Ladies Tank Sizing

SIZE Small Medium Large
LENGTH (top of shoulder to bottom hem) 26.5 27.25 27.75
BUST (1" under armpit, all the way around) 32 34 36

 * measurements are in inches.

"Smoke" and "California Republic" Ladies Tank Sizing

 SIZE Small Medium Large X-Large
 LENGTH (top of shoulder to bottom hem) 27.5 28 28.5 29
BUST (around) 30 32 34 36

 * measurements are in inches.

Jersey Sizing

SIZE X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
SLEEVE LENGTH (center of neck to wrist) 34 34.5 35 35.5 36 36.5
CHEST (1 inch under armpit, around) 41 43 45 47 49 51
LENGTH (top of shoulder to bottom hem) 29.5 30 30.5 31 31.5 32
WAIST (bottom hem, around) 40.5 42.5 44.5 46.5 48.5 50.5

* measurements are in inches, * intended fit of Jerseys is slightly loose

Neck Bandanas

SIZE One size fits most, very stretch material.
LENGTH  approximately 19.5
WIDTH approximately 10

 * measurements are in inches.